We create and develop an online business, ensure profitability and payback!

560 000 000 000 ₽

The volume of the online market for material goods in Russia amounted to more than 560 billion rubles.


Management and investment company in the field of Internet and multimedia technologies


Creation and implementation of Internet platforms for e-commerce and turnkey Internet business

+ 35%

The growth of online sales of material goods amounted to more than 35%

Producing E-commerce

"BIAT" offers a unique opportunity to use the Digital team and the producer who has experience working online-offline, both within the Digital Agency and in the teams of our customers. 

"BIAT" provides consulting services, as well as performs work in the following areas:

Strategy Development

Development of strategies for companies to access the Internet, the creation of integrated Internet strategies and business models


Management of companies and Internet projects

Turnkey business 

Business consulting and turnkey online business creation

Internet projects

Start-up of start-up companies, online stores, portals, web services and other Internet projects


Organization of communication channels and online sales, integrated promotion on the Internet


Design, branding and corporate identity creation


Preparation, implementation and support of transactions for the sale and purchase of Internet business

Stages of producing and entering the online business market 

  • Preparatory Stage: Creating an Internet Business Model
  • Analytical work on the assessment of the business idea and its prospects, the study of the market niche that focuses business and target audience
  • Formation of business strategy and positioning
  • Calculation of the investment required to create a business
  • Studying the dynamics of development and business growth prospects of competitors
  • Writing a business plan

Financial stage: Budgeting and profitability calculation

  • Calculation of the financial business model and investment indicators, investment payback period (PP), net present value of the project (NPV)
  • Creating a business monetization schemes and the formation of sources of income
  • Assessment of business profitability, profitability index (PI), internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Building models of starting a business and forecasting the development of Internet business
  • Formation of budget items online business
  • Business model optimization. Creating a model for reducing the cost of entering the Internet market

Stage of development and implementation of internal and external business processes and technologies

  • Development and systematization of all internal and external business processes ensuring the functioning of the business and its development in bundles Online-Offline
  • Selection of partners for outsourcing support of Internet business, the formation of contractual relations
  • Building a system of accounting
  • Formation of requirements and necessary competencies of staff
  • Search and recruitment of lower and middle managers
  • Development of Internet business identity
  • The development of the entire technological infrastructure of the Internet business "turnkey"
  • Formation of the executive team

Marketing stage

  • Development of a marketing plan, business promotion plan, advertising strategy and brand communication

Starting an online business

  • The created business is brought to the Internet market
  • Support and promotion of Internet business
  • Technological support
  • The implementation of marketing and promotional activities to promote
  • Operational business support
  • In fact, all of the above steps are aimed at creating an online business in the format of an online store that sells goods or services

Work principles

  • We use a short-term planning system and strategy. It is a tactical, integrated and flexible planning system that allows you to quickly upgrade your business scheme, communication and marketing, promotion and technology
  • We use the technology platform "BITRIX" and ready-made technical solutions as a base and tool for building an online business
  • We implement weekly strategic sessions when setting up and developing a business with an owner, investor or main customer
  • We run an internet business and make the necessary decisions
  • We are responsible for the implementation of the project, its effectiveness and targets

Company and specialization

The structure of "BIAT" includes profile companies, the investor and founder of which is "BIAT".

This structure provides a complete cycle for the integrated creation and implementation of Internet platforms for e-commerce and turnkey Internet business. We fully take into account the specifics of the business being created, we ensure the launch of the business on the Internet market, its positioning, subsequent promotion and support.

The company "BIAT" works in the market of Internet technologies since 1999. Since its inception, the company has gone through a fruitful and creative way; its employees have gained tremendous experience in the field of Internet technologies, advertising and Internet marketing, design and visualization, in creating, managing and developing Internet businesses and Start-Up projects. The company's specialists have fundamental knowledge and more than 10 years of experience and professional competencies.

Today, BIAT creates its own Internet businesses, investing in commercial and social Internet projects.


If you need business consulting, you are planning to create your own business project in the field of e-commerce - we will help in the implementation of your business project.

We have the necessary experience, knowledge and capabilities in order to successfully implement your project.

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